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1. Safety Restraints - Keeps you from being flung out of the car. 2. Anti-rollback devices - Keeps the car from falling backward down the hill if it somehow doesn't make it up all the way. 3. Block Brakes - Keeps the trains from crashing into each other by letting only one train through a section of the track at a time. If a train is stuck on part of the track, the brakes will stop the train behind it from entering that part of the track. 4. Emergency Stop - Can stop the train if it is on the lift or on a section of brakes in case of an emergency. 5. Weight Restrictions - Ensures the safety restraints won't become undone by someone too large for it. 6. Height Restrictions - Ensures that nobody can reach too far out of the car and hit something like a support or another piece of track. 7. Catwalks - Gives the riders a way to get off the train if it gets stuck on the lift. And it lets the workers inspect the ride.

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