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  1. Poison the water supplies. Without proper water, people will either die of dehydration or become poisoned and die regardless.
  2. Kidnap their pregnant and kill them. When a population can no longer reproduce, their population will decline regardless of what they do.
  3. Nuke them. Nothing smells as good as nuclear warfare in the morning. Remember, if it doesn't hurt you, it probably doesn't hurt them much either.
  4. Shoot them with guns. Trust me, gunfire is as good as nuclear warfare if you're good enough.
  5. Put them on reality television. This method, although criticized by many, has been known to cause serious bloodshed and death. It's rather inhumane, so it's best if you avoid it.
  6. Make new laws. Prevent many people from becoming pregnant by only allowing a couple to have one baby or none at all.

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