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Naruto Uzumaki has not gone into a Nine-Tailed form yet, as that would end up releasing the demon fox inside of him and thus killing Naruto. He has come close though to reaching the Nine-Tailed state in his battle with Nagato's God Realm Body, reaching the Eight-Tails state. When Naruto was about to reach the Ninth Tail, with the Demon Fox telling him to "Give it his heart and let it destroy everything that hurts him, saving him from the pain" by removing the seal that contains the Demon, the Seal's fail safe, should Naruto ever go into the Eight-Tailed state, kicked in, bringing an imprint of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, into Naruto's subconscious and stopped Naruto from removing the seal, thus, stopping the Nine-Tailed transformation. After doing this, Minato fixed the seal to it's original strength, making Naruto revert back to his normal form.

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