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Cockatrices, located in the Fremenik slayer dungeon drop: Blue charm Cabbage seed (4) Chaos talisman Clue scroll (level 2)

Cockatrice egg  Cockatrice head  Cockatrice skin  Coins (1-64) 
Crimson charm  Fire rune (7)  Gold charm  Green charm 
Grimy avantoe  Grimy cadantine  Grimy dwarf weed  Grimy guam 
Grimy harralander  Grimy kwuarm  Grimy lantadyme  Grimy marrentill 
Grimy ranarr  Grimy tarromin  Iron boots  Iron javelin (5) 
Iron longsword  Iron sword  Law rune (2)  Limpwurt root 
Loop half of a key  Mystic boots (white)  Nature rune (2-6)  Nothing 
Onion seed (4)  Potato seed (4)  Rune javelin (5)  Shield left half (dragon square) 
Steel boots  Steel dagger  Steel longsword  Strawberry seed (2) 
Sweetcorn seed (3)  Tooth half of a key  Tomato seed (3)  Uncut diamond 
Uncut emerald  Uncut ruby  Uncut sapphire  Water rune (2) 
Watermelon seed (2)  White berries 

Gotten information off Runehq

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