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What do cockroach workers drop on RuneScape?

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Weapons and Armour Mithril platebody (uncommon) Mithril sq shield (uncommon) Battlestaff (m) (uncommon) Rune dagger (rare) 5 Rune javelins (m) (very rare) Dragon medium helm (m) (very rare) [edit]Herbs (Members Only) Grimy guam (very common) Grimy harralander (semi-common) Grimy tarromin (common) Grimy marrentill (semi-common) Grimy ranarr (rare) Grimy cadantine (uncommon) Grimy avantoe (uncommon) Grimy lantadyme (uncommon) Grimy torstol (extremely rare) Grimy irit (common) Grimy dwarf weed (rare) [edit]Gems and ores Uncut sapphire (uncommon) Uncut emerald (uncommon) Uncut ruby (rare) Uncut diamond (very rare) 2 Mithril ore (noted) (common) 1-2 Coal (noted) (commonRunes 1-2 Cosmic runes (common) 1-18 Nature runes (common) 1-18 Chaos rune (common) 1-22 Earth runes (very common)

A player fighting a cockroach worker. [edit]Other drops 10-130 Coins(common) Nature talisman (m) (rare) Tooth half of a key (m) (very rare) Loop half of a key (m) (rare) Level 1 Clue scroll (m) (rare)

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