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on the over all base, small dogs and big dogs do the same thing. they do things like: Play

Most canines will play at least a little bit during the day. What they consider fun, however, varies from animal to animal. Some find a favorite item to chew on or toss around, while others simply run from room to room. If more than one pet is at home, they might interact, following each other around, wrestling or trying to get the other interested in a toy.


In most homes, it’s rare for every little thing to remain the same through the entire day. A pillow might get put a different spot, for example, or a storm might erupt outside. Dogs generally are curious and want to investigate these changes, looking at and sniffing new items, listening to any sounds they make. Like some people, they might try to put away things they think are out of place or get rid of what they think doesn’t belong.

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