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Thye use spears or bows and arrows to hunt birds, monkeys, rodents like agoutis or pacas, and fish. To hunt larger animals like peccaries (wild pigs), or tapir, the men go out in groups, sometimes even with dogs to help them. brooke :) Fish can be caught by putting a small amount of plant-based poison into the river. The poison makes the fish very slow so that they can easily be scooped up out of the water.

Fish trapsor nets are sometimes used as well. In many rainforest regions, women grow crops of maize (corn), manioc (cassava), bananas, plantains, beans, yams and sweet potatoes in gardens close to their villages. Avocados, fruit such as mangoes and pineapples, nuts and honey are also collectedfrom the forest, as well as caterpillars, grubs and tarantulas!

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