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technically the only level requirement to enter is 60 str to move boulder out of your way, but to go safely one should wear 1 item from each of the 4 gods: zamorak, saradomin, bandos, armadyl. zamorak and saradomin speak for themselves, armadyl is easiest to obtain from the quest temple of ikov. either side with armadyl guardians during quest to obtain a pendant of armadyl, or if you sided with lucien, go back and kill an armadyl guardian to obtain one. bandos' armor are very expensive, the easiest item to have is the ancient mace given from the quest death to the dorgeshuun. while wearing a piece corresponding to each god their servants will not harm you. however the 4 guardians in each main room will attack you no matter what you bring so if you are attempting to kill the bosses, come prepared!!

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