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Na may refer to:

  • Na, the chemical symbol for Sodium
  • Na, a tribal people also known as the Nga people, from Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost state of India
  • Na, a small ethnic group also known as the Mosuo, from Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces in China
  • Na, Mesua ferrea a tree native to Sri Lanka, India, southern Nepal, Indochina, and the Malay Peninsula
  • Na, the な or ナ kana in the Japanese language
  • Nakoku, or Na no kuni (奴の国), an ancient Japanese kingdom

N/A may refer to:

  • n/a or N/A, short for not available or not applicable, used to indicate the deliberate omission of information
  • Neurotics Anonymous (N/A), a twelve-step program of recovery from mental and emotional illness

NA may refer to:

nA may stand for:

  • Nanoampere, an SI unit of electric current (defined as 10−9 A)
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