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re·ceive rəˈsēv/ verb past tense: received; past participle: received 1. be given, presented with, or paid (something). "most businesses will receive a tax cut" synonyms: be given, be presented with, be awarded, collect, garner; More antonyms: give, present take delivery of (something sent or communicated). "he received fifty inquiries after advertising the job" synonyms: be sent, be in receipt of, accept delivery of, accept More buy or accept goods in the knowledge that they have been stolen. "a man convicted of receiving stolen property" detect or pick up (broadcast signals). "Turkish television began to be received in Tashkent" form (an idea or impression) as a result of perception or experience. "the impression she received was one of unhurried leisure" (in tennis and similar games) be the player to whom the server serves (the ball). (in Christian services) eat or drink (the Eucharistic bread or wine). "he received Communion and left" consent to formally hear (an oath or confession). "he failed to find a magistrate to receive his oath" serve as a receptacle for. "the basin that receives your blood" 2. suffer, experience, or be subject to (specified treatment). "the event received wide press coverage" synonyms: experience, sustain, undergo, meet with

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