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This video is of gaga's girlfriend tickling her. Gaga was just minding her own business one day while at the mall, and this girl came up to her. her name was Paige, and she began flirting with her, and then, they started dating. Apparently, they went to the cheesecake factory for a drink and then Paige brought her home. They were hanging out for a while, who knows what exactly they were doing. Paige has a split pesonality, though. So, apparently, when she is not Paige, she is called Tyla. She then became Tyla, and switched personalities. She Came up to Gaga, who was just about to leave, and asked her if she'd like to learn how to tie herself up.

    "...No... that's okay" said gaga hesitantly. 
    "Why not?!" snapped Tyla. 
    "It sounds... unconfortable"
    "It's so much fun, though!" screamed Tyla, spitting
    "That's cool that you like tying yourself up in your freetime, but I'll pass" said gaga sarcastically.
    "Fine!" screamed tyla

And then, says gaga, just like a lightning strike, she was tied up on this bed that seemed like it was made for tickling people on. She said she woke up on it not knowing where she was, not knowing how she got there, and she said she thought she was dead for a minute. she was just left there unattended for like 3 hours. And then, tyla came in and woke her up. She said, "This is what happens to little girls who don't listen!" and began mercilessly tickling her. At first, it didn't even tickle her, and that was making tyla really mad. However, she just kept on for like 30 minutes, finally realizing she was not going to be able to tickle her. Gaga says that she didn't mind at all that she was tickling her, she honestly thought that Tyla was going to kill her. She finally got annoyed with her, and said nicely, "Can you please stop?" Tyla responded so quicly, "No! I want to hear you beg and plead for mercy!" Gaga just closed her eyes and was like "this ***** is so stupid" and then tyla got this special cream stuff that makes people be ticklish by rubbing it on their skin. Tyla said, "I didn't want it to have to come to this, but you leave me no choice..." and began rubbing that cream on her belly and armpits. Gaga was freaking out because she didn't know what she was putting on her. This is the first part of the video you see. You can see at the beginning that gaga looks confused and when tyla first touches her, she sort of jumped, because she was not used to being ticklish. Tyla tickled her for like 30 minutes, and gaga doesn't even laugh that hard, she tried not to at least, she laughs silently, but says that she hates being tickled. Tyla wanted to hear her beg but she finally gave up after 30 minutes, and stopped, but then she just left her there on the bed alone for like 5 hours. She fell asleep, and 5 hours later, Tyla had changed back to her other personality, Paige, and was looking for gaga, going all around her house saying, "Stefani? Stefani! Where are you? Stefani?" She finally found her in the room with the wierd tickling table. She didn't know what had happened to her. She didn't know that she had been the one who put her there. She woke her up saying, "Hey, stefani, i've been looking everywhere for you! What happened? Why are you down here? Did you tie yourself up?" and gaga was confused af. Paige untied her and tried to hug her but Gaga ran around looking for her shoes, and as paige was following her, she kept running away. paige kept saying, "you're okay now. i saved you. You don't have to be afraid anymore." Gaga just kept saying, "Omg you're insane! Stay away form me!"

So, that's what happened. hope i helped :)

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