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Human beings are called homo sapiens sapiens. The sapiens sapiens bit means Man is aware that he has a mind, and has the capacity to think, to have thoughts, and to reflect on experience, and be a wise person. Thought creates reality.

Human beings also have something called being. This being part of the human continues after death.

Death is dropping the body. YOU leave the body behind. YOU also continue to exist with mind and being, awareness.

What you believe is there after death, largely determines what happens. Remember, Thought Creates Reality. The sum total of all the thoughts you have had come together and to the forefront of your mind. You mind accompanies your being to the next world, without the body. Mind then becomes discarded, and Being continues the journey in the afterlife.

If you think there is nothing, then you experience nothing.

If you think there is a judgement, then you witness a judgement, without feelings.

If you think there are angels, heaven and the Glory of the Lord, then you go to there.

If you think there is reincarnation, then yes, you come back in another body. Same mind.

A second opinion: no one knows.

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