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In the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 game universes by the UK company Games Workshop, Khorne is one of the Gods of the Pantheon of Chaos. Known as "The Blood God", "The Lord of Skulls", "The Master of Battle", and "The Great Rage", Khorne in all his aspects is the Chaos God of War, Rage, and Violence.

His realm exists in the Immaturiam, the Great Warp, a place beyond our universe that both exists, and does not exist, now, then, and yet also never. Time and space have no meaning in the Warp, and to even attempt to contemplate the Warp with the mortal mind is to court madness.

Khorne shares the Warp with three other Gods, with which he is constantly at war over control of the Immaturiam. Khorne's territory appears in the mind's eye as a black, blasted wasteland covered with the evidence of battle. Great rivers of blood and plains of the bones of those killed in his name extend as far as the mortal eye can see. Khorne makes his home in the Brass Citadel. Behind his fortress are a string of volcanoes that provide the fires for his great war forges. Constantly manned by the enslaved souls of the damned, they constantly turn out new weapons and armor for his endless legions.

Khorne sits on the throne of Brass, which itself sits high on a mountain of the skulls of both his followers' victims, and even his followers themselves. Surrounding his throne is a great lake of blood, all shed in his name. It is from here that he directs his vast armies and his bellows of rage can be heard throughout the universe.

Khorne appears as a massive, reddish skinned, and overly-muscled being. He possesses reverse-bent legs and cloven-hooves for feet, and his head is described as that of a bestial hound adorned with horns and possessing of great fangs and teeth. His Greater Demons, the Bloodthristers, often mirror his appearence.

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