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Puerto Rico is a USA territory so the lifestyle is very similar to United States lifestyle.

People go to work every day, children go to school. In the weekends people go to the beach, or to the rivers, some go to the mountains to hike. College students like to go and watch movies but as far as I can remember movies weren't a big thing like in the USA, the beach was.

Soaps play on broadcast TV most every night, except on weekends. Cartoons play on broadcast in the afternoons. People who have satellite or cable can watch anything at anytime, and they watch the same USA programming.

Some of the older crowd like to keep small farms where they grow vegetables and fruits to sell on the roadsides. Some may also keep chickens, cows and pigs if they have the room. In the central area and south of the island there are many horse stables. Some people go horse riding on weekends rather than going to the beach.

The teenage crowd usually like to participate in sports, like basketball, baseball and gymnastics as per some school programs, and some play instruments.

Sadly, there are lots of people who prefer to take the life of crime as well. Puerto Rico has a high criminality rate for its size; and the murder rate linked to illegal drugs is quite high.

In general, the lifestyle is similar to here, their language however, is mostly Spanish. English is second most spoken language and not yet the official but there were rumors that English would be the primary language eventually.

Source: I am Puertorican.

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