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The Saradomin sword is a two handed sword which can be obtained in the God Wars Dungeon as a drop from Commander Zilyana and her bodyguards. It requires 70 attack to wield. Its special attack, "Saradomin's Lightning", which adds 5-15 extra magic-based damage to the standard melee attack, and also gives magic experience for using. In other words, the special deals two attacks: the melee attack that the player would normally have hit without the special, and an extra magical attack that can deal 5-15 damage; however, both attacks can miss. The special attack requires 100% of the special attack bar. Its overall stats are the third best for a two-handed sword, being only surpassed by the Dragon two-handed sword and the various Godswords.

The hit percentage of this weapon is based both attack and magic levels.

The Sword gives the same strength and slash bonus as an Abyssal whip with an additional crush and prayer bonus. The Saradomin Sword also attacks at the same speed as the whip. Its ability to train strength is an advantage. However, the whip is a one handed weapon, and can be wielded with a shield or a defender. For this reason, some players may consider the whip to be a better option.

The sword is seen as the best option for slaying waterfiends, as it has a crush option, and is also as fast and strong as a whip. This is more useful for killing waterfiends than godswords, as the faster speed tends to be more efficient at dealing damage, despite the lower strength bonus. Godswords may be wasteful when hitting waterfiends at low health, as the extra damage capability is wasted.

The price of this item has fallen over time as more are introduced to the game. Many players go in teams to defeat Commander Zilyana in the God Wars Dungeon, leading to many drops.

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