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blow off 1. Lit. [for something] to be carried off something by moving air. The leaves of the trees blew off in the strong wind. My papers blew off the table.

2. Lit. [for a valve or pressure-maintaining device] to be forced off or away by high pressure. (See the examples.) The safety valve blew off and all the pressure escaped. The valve blew off, making a loud pop.

3. Fig. [for someone] to become angry; to lose one's temper; to blow off (some) steam. I just needed to blow off. Sorry for the outburst. I blew off at her.

4. Sl. to goof off; to waste time; to procrastinate. You blow off too much. All your best time is gone—blown off.

5. Sl. a time-waster; a goof-off. (Usually blow-off.) Fred is such a blow-off! Get busy. I don't pay blow-offs around here.

6. Sl. something that can be done easily or without much effort. (Usually blow-off.) Oh, that is just a blow-off. Nothing to it. The test was easy—a blow-off.

7. and blow someone or something off Sl. to ignore someone or something; to skip an appointment with someone; to not attend something where one is expected. He decided to sleep in and blow this class off. It wasn't right for you to just blow off an old friend the way you did.

8. and blow someone off Sl. to ignore someone in order to end a romantic or other relationship. She knew that he had blown her off when he didn't even call her for a month. Steve blew off Rachel before he started seeing Jane.

9. Sl the final insult; an event that causes a dispute. (Usually blow-off.) The blow-off was a call from some girl named Lulu who asked for Snookums. When the blow-off happened, nobody was expecting anything.

10. Sl. a dispute; an argument. (Usually blow-off.) After a blow-off like that, we all need a break. There was a big blow-off in the office today.

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