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right a chav is the british via english type of gangster. some look a little bit diffrent than others as in some places they have the original chav look and the more modern look. they were brands like. addidas: fila: fred perry:nikey or nike: or lonsdale: somtimes a burbbery.

some people say they were cheap rip of clothes or fakes but they dont.well not all:/. the orginal look is mostly: 1:a baseball cap addidas or fred perry or burbery the front of the cap is bent in so its peaked and kind of up wards. 2:they were polo shirts mostly white or baby blue. witha the od black strips on the collor is up and and second button un dun. 3:theyy were hoodys or helle hansens wit the neck area out and the zip down . 4:they were tracksuit bottoms or vio jeans the trackies tuked into football socks. 5: they were nike ar max trainers white or black with the tounges out or rockport boots balck with th trakies mostly rockport boots with jeans. 6:most of the time they were trainers k wiss nike or addidas white mostly. 7:they usual were gold or sliver chains and rings. 8:they usualy youths 18 and under they swere cal names beat people up stab people .they somtimes are in bmx bikes. 9: the oldr ones are usualy i gangs up to 5-23 people. 10:they have citren saxo cars or renult clio or subaru al done up with body kits. 11: they lke hardcore dance music via.uprising NOT MUSE! the band uprising is english company rave type org.

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