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To solo Dragoon, get to rank 4 at least and do the fellowship quest. Your buddy will be invaluable to you and great company when you are soloing. Get gear that can protect you well and eat food. I still eat meat, but others prefer something different, your choice! Choose prey that is weak to piercing,bats and worms are good targets.Avoid mobs with AOE spells as they will hurt your Wyvern and believe me you dont want to be without your best friend. Find a camp with a zone close by in case you need to escape fast. I recommend a mage job as sub I have always used WHM but some use BLU or RDM. Dancer is becoming popular as sub for any job, so as you see lots of choices, dont forget to carry a couple of juices to refill your mp in an emergency. Keep your Polearm as current as possible, use lances over spears, they cause much more damage. When its time to get your AF, make sure you always carry your Drachen armet.casting Dia or any fast spell at Level 60 will cause your wyvern to cast healing breath = Cure 3 when you are at 50% HP. This could save your life. I soloed 72 levels of DRG 75 of SAM and 45 so far of WHM

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