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Technically, the term "technology" is a misnomer. The terms comes from the Greek "tekhnologia", "τεχνολογία" — "tekhne", "τέχνη" ("art, skill, craft in work") and "logia", "λογία" ("a speaking, discourse, treatise, doctrine, theory, science,"). Technology as it is usually used refers to either artifacts or methods while the word itself would mean, following a literal reading, the study of craft, art, etc. Thus, the word "technologist" would answer your question the best, though the word is used differently today. The world "technologist" as we often used it should really be replaced with "artist", "craftsman", "skilled laborer" or "engineer". A technologist is someone who is engaged in something more theoretical, i.e., the study of art, skill, craft, etc. Those who study matter (science) are similarly distinguished from those who employ it (engineers, artists, etc). Theory is distinguished from practice; the former is primarily concerned with knowing and the latter with doing. (Analogously, a philosopher of science may study the methods used by scientists.)

For a good discussion of the subject, see Book I of Aristotle's Metaphysics.

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