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Espinas is a wyvern that is, for now, exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. Espinas is physically similar to a Rathian, but instead of scales their bodies are covered in hot pink spikes and rough green armor plating.

Facts Edit

  • Much like a Gypceros, they can quickly spit purple globs of poison at a hunter, and charge similarly to a Basarios or Monoblos, ramming enemies with its horn.
  • They are an entirely passive wyvern when not in rage mode, not attacking hunters and relying on its thick, near impenetrable shell for protection.
    • However, once enraged, a soft pink color passes through its body and it becomes very aggressive. This increase in aggression is balanced by a new weakness - when enraged, the Espinas is much more vulnerable to attacks. It can shoot poisonous fireballs and most of its attacks can poison you. One of its attacks is that it will raise his head and shoot 3 poisonous fireballs around him. Another of its attacks consists of shooting 2 fire balls, one to the left and one to the right, and one more, which is done flying backwards.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Espinas" comes from the Spanish word "espina", meaning "spikes" or "thorns".

Fire Wyvern Lineage Edit

There has been many speculation over whether this monster is a completely new wyvern or a new species that belongs a family of wyverns that is already known (Such as Blos Wyverns.). Since this creature has a great flying ability and excels at ground combat, the Royal Paleontology Scriveners have come to the conclusion that this a new species of True Flying Wyvern. If this is true then that would mean that the true flying wyvern group now has two species instead of one (Since the Rathalos and Rathian are basically just a case of extreme Sexual Dimorphism in one species.). There is also the possibility that another newly discovered species of True Flying Wyvern exists. So far it is only known as the "Lightning Wyvern" (Its Japanese name is Berukyurosu.). Espinas, in terms of attack style and appearance resembles the guise of a Rathian.

Video Edit

Gameplay footage Edit

MHF - Espinas (棘竜エスピナス)06:52

MHF - Espinas (棘竜エスピナス)

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