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A word problem is basically an equation put into word form; take for example 2 + y = 3, solve for y. In word form it would be asked "Heather drove her car and spent 3 galons of gas going somewhere, she ran out of gas because her car started out with 2 galons. Find the amount of galons she put in at the gas station." So, with two sentences, I am describing 2 + y = 3

See if you know your equations, word problems are easy, if you don't know them they are murderously difficult. The best thing to do, is to go over equations over and over; as a general rule in math textbooks, word problems are structured according to the equations you studied in a given chapter. If you know your equations like I said, they're easy to read, if you don't know them, good luck buddy. Also, I'm not going to sugar coat or pull punches here; it doesn't get easier. The more equations you do, the more practice you get, and the easier to read word problems are.

My algebra was probably all wrong, been a while since I sat down and done it, but I'm sure you get the idea. 07:30, 7 May 2009 (UTC)stardingo747

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