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First of all, if you are a believer then this should be an easy question. His. Name. Is. GOD!!! Gosh. and if you are not a believer, then you wouldn't know. Of course he has other names, like Yahweh, Lord of all things, and many many more. Look up "Gods many names" or something related to that to see more.

Yahweh Is His Name!

It all depends on which "God" one is referring to. "Gosh" is a euphemism for the word 'God'. I myself do not refer to our Heavenly Father and Creator Yahweh by the mere name/title "God". I more specifically refer to Him as our 'Almighty One'. In the English language the word "God" can refer to any deity that is worshipped. The English word "God" is not in reference to an specific deity. It is merely a title in the English language and not a name at all. But according to the Hebrew Scriptures commonly referred to as the "Old Testament" there was a deity refered to as Gad (pronounced 'Gawd' {God}) in Isayah [Isaiah] 65:11 which was translated as 'that troop' in the KJV. Our Heavenly Father and Creator's Name is Yahweh. He has only one Name since in Scripture when giving reference to His Name the word 'name' is always in the singular in reference to Him and never in the plural. The word 'Lord' is also not a name in the English language and is also a title. I also do not refer to our Heavenly Father and Creator Yahweh by the title 'Lord' since this English word is derived from a word meaning 'keeper of the loaf' and Yahweh has never been refered to in Sripture as a keeper of a loaf. The title 'Lord' in the English language is also and inferior title since the title King stand primary in English nobility. I having knowledge of this prefer tho refer to our Heavenly Father and Creator as our Supreme King since there are many others who have been appointed as King. Father Yahweh anointed and appointed His son Yahshua to reign as King and High Priest after the order of Melchizadek for 1,000 years. For more scholarly information on the Name Yahweh, please see my web site at: .

By Franklin Eugene Rhoads

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