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Meditation is the process of focusing your mind on a particular object. In this regard, everything we do throughout our day is a form of meditation. Some people meditate on mundane things like hobbies, sports or other activities. Others meditate on their own negative thoughts, or the negative things people have said to them. These forms of meditation won't take you anywhere uplifting.

When you learn how to focus your mind, and control the object of your meditation, then you are beginning to actively participate in meditation. Then, you can begin to turn your attention within. By inwardly gazing, you will discover things about yourself that you did not previously know. Insights about your life and existence will begin to arise spontaneously. You will experience your connection to the world, and understand just who you really are.

There are many types of formal meditation practice and meditation techniques to help teach the focus and control necessary to control the mind's natural tendency to wander. These techniques are best taught by a meditation teacher--someone who has direct experience of meditation and who can help guide you.

If you are interested in learning how to meditate, you can seek out information and test various meditation methods. These include Siddha Yoga, Transcedental Meditation, Christian meditation and Buddhist meditation.

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