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Sex is human sexual activity involving the bodies of one or two persons. It can be auto (meaning single) erotic, and it can be an activity between two people of the opposite sex or the same sex.

This is sometimes called making love, other times it is called "babymaking". People use sex for different reasons.

  • some use sex to express their love, affection and attachment to their partner
  • some use sex to say "I love you"; for sex is intimacy and trust and self giving
  • some people use sex to get intimacy
  • some people use sex to get satisfied as it is a very pleasurable activity
  • some people use sex as an erotic activity
  • some people misuse sex. Rape and abuse is the outcome.

Sexual energy is the strongest energy in young people, for it is there to ensure that the human race does not die out. However, this energy has to be used with respect for yourself and respect for your partner or companion, be they the same or opposite sex to you.

Sex is not simply the physical activity involving another body, hot, wet, sweaty, noisy, bouncy, juicy and fun; sex involves people, so treat yourself with respect and above all, honour the other person. This means you will accept that NO means NO; this means you will accept that someone else does not want to get a sexually transmitted disease and you will use a contraceptive or condom or protect the other perosn whenever you are asked.

Sex is good, sex is fun, and you can enjoy sex at the right time, the right place, with the right partner, with love, trust and acceptance, affection and respect. You will do this with someone you love, and you will do this when the time is right for you.

Includes CC-BY-SA content from Wikipedia's Sex article (authors)

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