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Spore is a game in which you go through 5 stages, the C ell, Creature, Tribal, Civilization, & Space Stages.

The Cell Stage is all about eating food to get DNA Points so you can advance your cell enough so you can make it to land.
The Creature stage is about exploring and finding new parts so you can impress or kill other creatures to gain new parts and DNA Points. It is also about gaining intellegence until you are intelligent enough to start a tribe.
The Tribal stage is about befreinding or wiping out other tribes to make it to a Civilization.
The Civilization Stage starts with you controlling one city-state, but eventually you will conquer the entire world by controlling other city states, either by converting them religiously, buying them out, or destroying them. You also need to make Sporebucks, either by conquering spice geysers with cars, boats, and planes, or by making your city in an equal balance of four types of buildings.
One type of building is the City Hall, which goes in the center of your city.
Another is houses, which if placed near the city hall produce sporebucks and also allow more vehicles to be made.
Factories produce sporebucks if placed near the city hall or a house. But they also make citizens unhappy if placed near a house. The other type of building are Entertainment Buildings. As suggested, they make citizens happy, but if placed near a factory, the factory makes citizens twice as unhappy.
The types of vehicles are, as stated before, cars, planes, & boats.
Cars are the very first kind of vehicle availible. You use them to conquer city-states or spice geysers on the same continent of the city-state they are made in.
Boats can only be made from coastal cities. They can capture cities on the coasts of the planet, and conquer spice geysers in the ocean.
Planes can reach any spice geyser or city-state in the entire world, but can only be made if you have conquered 4 cities.
The Space stage begins when a building breaks down, but a spaceship comes out! You can do all kinds of things after that if you purchase several tools, such as abduct, scan, talk to alien races, terraform, wipe out races, destroy planets, etc.
You can also just create stuff in an in-game screen in which in those screens all the parts are availible. You can upload your creations on the internet once you save them, or upload pictures, movies, and animated avatars onto the internet too.

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