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Hit locations where raiders or super mutants regularly respawn. The best of these is the Bethesda Offices. There are nearly a dozen outside and about the same inside the 2 buildings. This location is the best because in the east building there is a respawning raider with a flamer who always has a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes. Thus enabling you to max out your Big Guns skill in one location, just collect the books every time you kill him, don't add points to Big Guns upon leveling.(Taking the Comprehension perk doubles your speed at this. Just kill all the raiders, then either run away(over the hill to the N or just outside the buildings)or fast travel away and wait for 3 game days. You can use the wait feature, or just run around the wastes, but sleeping for 3 days doesn't work. In the same room as the flamer raider is the Lockpick Bobblehead. These pages should help.

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