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What is the size of Neptune?

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Physical characteristics Equatorial radius 24,764 ± 15 km[7][8] 3.883 Earths Polar radius 24,341 ± 30 km[7][8] 3.829 Earths Flattening 0.0171 ± 0.0013 Surface area 7.6408 × 109 km²[4][8] 14.98 Earths Volume 6.254 × 1013 km³[5][8] 57.74 Earths Mass 1.0243×1026 kg[5] 17.147 Earths Mean density 1.638 g/cm³[5][8] Equatorial surface gravity 11.15 m/s²[5][8] 1.14 g Escape velocity 23.5 km/s[5][8] Sidereal rotation period 0.6713 day[5] 16 h 6 min 36 s Equatorial rotation velocity 2.68 km/s 9,660 km/h Axial tilt 28.32°[5] North pole right ascension 19h 57m 20s[7] North pole declination 42.950°[7] Albedo 0.290 (bond) 0.41 (geom.)[5] Surface temp.

  1 bar level
  0.1 bar (10 kPa) 	

min mean max 72 K[5] 55 K[5] Apparent magnitude 8.0 to 7.78[5][9] Angular diameter 2.2″–2.4″[5][9]

Includes CC-BY-SA content from Wikipedia's Neptune article (authors)

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