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What items in Fallout 3 don't degrade?

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There are items you can take out of the operation anchorage simulation via a glitch. These items have a super high item hp (in the millions) as compared to normal items (in the hundreds) These items include winterized combat armor, assault rifle, sniper rifle, minigun, missle launcher, combat shotgun, trenchknife, and chinese assault rifle. Also the winterized t51-b power armor has super high item hp as well, due to a programming error that replaced the game world version with the sim version. Also while your at it, there is an easy to do glitch that can get you 50000+ 10mm, 5.56mm, .308, flamer fuel, 5mm, an shotgun shells. Both of these glitches can be found in the Operation Anchorage bugs section on the fallout wiki. Enjoy your non-degrading nearly infinite ammo arsenal =)

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