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What kind of new perks are there?

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What new perks?

Some of the old traits were stripped of their negative effects and made into perks, and a few new ones were added. I've not played Fallout 2, so these new perks will be from memory of fallout 1...

Child at Heart: Gives new dialogue options with Children, usually that result in a material benefit to the player.

Cannibal: The ability to feed off bodies to restore health (upgradable via a side-quest).

Animal Friend (rank 2): Animal Friend has always helped you get along with creatures better, but rank 2 causes them to come to your aid during a fight.

Commando/Gunslinger: Increases your accuracy in V.A.T.S. mode with two-handed and one-handed weapons, respectively.

Grim Reaper's Sprint: My personal favorite, if you make a kill a V.A.T.S. mode with this perk, you instantly regain all AP, allowing you to re-enter V.A.T.S. and keep up the killing. As long as you kill something with every chain, you can continue; don't kill at least one target, and you're back to normal old run'n'gun while you wait for your AP to regenerate.

Hope that gives you a bit of a glimpse, here's the full list: [1]

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