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What kind of tools did cavemen use?

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Blade:to prepare food for cooking

Scraper:to use to make skins ready for stretching

Borer:used to bore holes into skins,bone or wood.

Small blade/arrow head:fitted into a wood bone or antler shaft.Held in place by fish glue.Thrown or fired from bow.

Fish hook: Provides evidence that early man did not only trap fish but caught them with a hook and line.

Pumice stone : Used to smooth tools made of bone,antler or wood.

Harpoon head : Tied to shafts and used for hunting and fishing.Some have been found with a hole in the end.Would have had thong through it.

Limpet scoop:to scoop out limpets from shells

Mattock : Excellent tool for striping meat or blubber.Aldo been able to be used for digging up roots

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