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  • I've found Silver's House in Springvale a good "starter-home". Of course, you have to kill her to get it, and you can't sleep there. I've started out sleeping in Springvale Elementary, and dumping my loot in a desk or locker until I got the option to have a house in Megaton or the Tenpenny Suite.
  • The top of the Washington Monument is a good place to sleep, but there really isn't anywhere to stash your stuff.
  • There is a tent just North of Girdershade that is an OK place to stay if you don't mind Raiders spawning there.
  • You can stay in the tents outside of the Germantown Police HQ as well.
  • Paradise Falls is a good place, and after you've killed all of the slavers, you can decorate Eulogy's Pad. You can sleep in the common room.
  • You can also stay at Dukov's if you kill him, but you can't sleep there. There is a Raider's camp right next door where you can sleep, though.
  • There are multiple spots in the tunnels to stay, but it is usually time-consuming to get there.
  • You can pick any house in Minefield, or Andale (after you kill the residents). You can sleep in Minefield, but not Andale.
  • You can also stay at GNR, on the left hand side of the building. Theres a kitchen and some beds there.

There's plenty of places that you can appropriate in the Wasteland. The main downside to staying anywhere other than Megaton or Tenpenny is that you can't get the goodies like the Infirmary, Workbench, Nuka-Cola Machine and Laboratory, and you can't get any themes for your house. If you kill someone to get their house, you still won't be able to sleep there. The bad part about staying in a random tent is, of course, that you can't fast travel to it.

Thecrystalcrow 02:06, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

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