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hey im a guy and it really depends on what kinda guy you are shooting for. im a normal type of guy. not jock or any of that crap. but from what ive heard and seen andfrom my friends.... if hes a real shy guy and kinda keeps to himself always say hi to him and also sit near him and talk to him, occasionaly smile at him and laugh and just ast cute as hell. if he seems like a normal guy approach him and kinda talk to him, make your talks regular and if you got his number txt him instead of him haveing to txt you. smile alot at him. laugh and just be yourself.and make sure to be flirty!! so you dont get in the friend zone. if hes a jock guy who plays alot of sports and is a chick magnet you reallly got to get his attention which isint as hard as it seems,,,,talk to him lots!! be flirty!! act cute!! try to wear a dress around him "school or something im assuming your younger than 18" hopefully and i know i would he will complement on how beautifull you look and then be like ill start wearing this just for you

if you got anymore questions or someone to talk to about it all email me at

hope this helped!

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