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Hmong people are consider a s an ethnic group branch of South-East Asia, where they are originally East Asian.

Depending on province, city or country they are from, they range by colors.

In Laos, the major style of clothing is the White, Green and Stripe. White is differentiated by their accents, but is easily known in the woman's plain white skirt. The Green is also differentiated by their accents and their colorful skirts. Their headdress which can look like a purple turban with black and white stripes and a shade of white at the top is their daily headdress. The top shirts and jewelry remain the same. Some woman may wear black pants, which is commonly referred to the White Hmong, but can go either way.

The Stripe Hmong is differentiated by the strips on their sleeves and shirts, their round "O" shape headdress and their black skirt/pants. Their main colors include black and blue.

In Laung Probang, Laos, their clothes are typically the same as White Hmong dress, but their headdress is different with these large "pom pom" pieces and the headpeice in a shape of an oval.

In Sapa, Vietnam, the Flower Hmong's full outfit is decorated with pieces of hand-stitched design, with the primary color of pink.

In Bac Ha, the Black Hmong's full outfit is consisted of mainly black and sometimes pieces of blue.

In Vietnam, their accents are different from their Lao counterpart, due to suppression of the Chinese who spitted the Hmong by 5 colors (Red, Black, Green, White and Flower) in the 16th-18th century and created the "Southern Miao Wall" to split their people apart. The Red Hmong remain in the South of China.

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