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What year would be considered "present day" in the Star Wars continuum?

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That's actually a good question, because every era that currently has a story is considered the 'present day' to the characters in them. I look at it this fans, we have many eras and plot lines we can choose and enjoy from over a wide spectrum of years, from TOTJ to Legacy.

But if you mean in terms of the 'latest' time frame, Legacy would be 'current' because it's 137 ABY

No, I mean what year in the SW galaxy do you think would coincide with the year 2010 here in ours? Because Legacy still happens "A long time ago".

Oh, I see. Interesting question, but I think it's impossible to answer. "A long time ago" is like the variable 'X' in an equation, except in our case it will never be given an actual identity.

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