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I am totally confused about this question. Red headed what? Humans? Why would anyone be extinct? Every person regardless of what they look like is beautiful. It is what makes planet earth so special. Nobody should become extinct. I do not understand you obsession.

To clarify to the person above me, being a redhead isn't a... i don't know the proper word, so I'll use normal. Being a redhead isn't exactly a normal gene. It's not a mutation, but since it isn't a gene that is passed down, many people theorize that redheads will one day no longer exist. To be honest, i have no idea. I checked on google and got answers from 200 years to never.

All people should be extinct anyway.

I had to give this question a go since I'm a redhead. I know exactly what you meant by 'extinct' and is a totally valid question, not an obsession. The person above should keep to things he/she knows rather than stating an opinion or philosophical viewpoint. If you can't answer the question then don't say anything at all. Red hair, regardless of whether it came to be out of a mutation or something else, is what they call a recessive gene. This means that the probability of occurring is much lower than let's say brown hair. When the chromosomes for each are present, a red haired person mates with a brown haired one, the darker genes dominant and win out most of the time. (It's been years since I've studied genetics so I can't give the techno terms I'd like to) The genes for 'dark' in general are dominant, i.e. eyes, hair, which is why there is so few red heads. When red hair mates with brown hair there is a 1 in 4 chance the child will have red hair. This probability could be higher if their is red hair in the family tree of the brown haired parent. The gene for red hair IS passed down. Red hair was probably a mutation, but regardless of how it came about it is here to stay, unless all the red heads in the world are eliminated or prevented from mating. And that will never happen. The only other way red hair can go 'extinct' is if by some freak of nature the brown eyed gene wins out every time, eventually elminating the red haired gene. That too is highly unlikely. So, it is very unlikely that red heads will ever become "extinct".

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