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Stat Bobble-Heads

Strength - Megaton - Lucas Simms House

Perception - Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave

Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary - Deathclaw Sanctuary Entrance

Charisma - Vault 108 - Cloning Lab

Intelligence - Rivet city - Science Lab

Agility - Greener Pastures Disposal - Office

Luck - Arlington Cemetery North - Arlington House

Skill Bobble-Heads

Barter - Evergreen Mills - Market Bazaar

Big Guns - Fort Constantine - CO Quarters

Energy Weapons - Ravenhold

Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station - Sealed Cistern

Lockpick - Bethesda - Bethesda Offices East - In the room on the second floor with the workbench, on the desk in front of the wall safe.

Medicine - Vault 101 - Dad's Desk

Melee Weapons - Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchambers

Repair - Aerefu - Evan Kings House

Science - Vault 106 - Living Quarters

Small Guns - National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory

Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels - Yao Guai Den

Speech - Paradise Falls - Euology's pad

Unarmed - Rockopolis - West of Casey Smith's Garage

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