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  • Northguard - Go into fort in center of area. Go up to the fort entrance where Bjorn Ironclaws is standing. Go behind him and follow ramp all the way to the end. Yardbird is there.
  • Savarstaad Pass - When entering Boar Camp go to the last hut on the right. Yardbird is there
  • Savarstaad Pass - When entering Webwood go to the split tree with spiders everywhere. Take a left and stay on right side. Take second right and locate hollow log. Yardbird is there next to a fern.
  • Vigrid Roughland - As you enter area, turn right and go to teleport stones. Follow along river to the right. Yardbird is at the third tree.
  • Vigrid Roughland - Behind Hans there is a path. Follow it all the way to the end. It is a long path and Yardbird is at the end, next to three mushrooms.
  • Mirkholm Keep - As you enter cave system for first time,locate Herkir. Look on map and locate Hyglak Shadowstalker (he is to the left of Herkir and down a bit). There is a small alcove between the two, and Yardbird is there.
  • Mirkholm Keep - Go to the caves where you fight Munin Mistweaver. As you enter the cave with teeth at entrance, you come to a room with Howlers. Take first right then next right. Yardbird is there.
  • Helgrind Warren - (Dungeon) This is one of the three rooms in Nidavellir - Yardbird is far left in the Storm room.
  • Ravenscar - Go to entrance of wood ramps. Take the ramp on the right. Stay to your right and go up to the Cave Golems. Stay right and take second Tunnel. Take a left and follow to end and the Yardbird is there.
  • Ravenscar - When you enter the Citadel, the Yardbird is just inside entrance on left.

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