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Where can I find a 10mm silenced pistol?

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Do you mean where is a Silenced 10mm? If you can just kill Mr Burke in Megaton/Tenpenny Towers. He has one, and they are pretty good for sneaky characters. There are other locations though, such as:

- In Marigold Metro Station, which is part of the quest Those!.

- In the caves under Oasis.

- Found in a locked safe in a room near the entrance of the Museum of History's lower halls.

- Some Ghoul residents of Underworld carry this gun.

- Rarely, it can be purchased at Flak and Shrapnel's weapon store in Rivet City or Chief Gustavo in Tenpenny Tower.

- In a safe located in an unmarked sewer south-east from Arlington Library.

- In the entrance to Vault 108, near some blood and Mole Rats.

- In the locked safe in the floor of the ruined ship right next to Hamilton's Hideaway.

- The hotel occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel next to Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest.

- Underwater by a sunken car at the docks nearby Arefu.

- On one of the clones In Vault 108.

- In a locked safe (Very Hard) in The Ninth Circle.

- In one of the locked rooms in Vault 106.

- On the counter of Lock and Load in Paradise Falls (must be stolen)

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