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Get option to toggle ending credits

Successfully complete the game with all fighters. An option to toggle the ending credits will be unlocked on the game settings screen. Zack's third outfit

To get Zack's third outfit (the silver outfit from Dead or Alive 2), defeat 20 opponents in Survival mode using Zack. Unlock Kasumi's 3rd Costume

Complete Exercise Mode in Sparring Mode with Kasumi. This costume is her school outfit. Unlock Ein's 3rd Costume

Complete Time Attack Mode under 6 minutes with Ein. His 3rd costume is his shirtless and red pants from DOA 2 Hardcore. Unlock Theater Mode

Complete Story Mode with a character to unlock Theater Mode and that ending movie will be available for that character. There are 16 ending movies. Each character has one ending movie. Kasumi's Loose Hair

When you select Kasumi, press Y to select her with a loose hair. This works for all of her costumes, including her secret school costume.

Unlock Ein

1. Complete Story Mode with all characters.-> Check the Movie section to see if you are missing anyone. 2. Then play either Survival or Time Attack Mode and get ranked in using HAYATE and then enter your nickname as EIN. 3. After that, Ein will be playable in all modes except Story Mode.

Unlock Ayane's School girl (3rd) Costume

Get the silver Xbox item in Survival Mode Unlock Zack's Fourth Costume

Get the silver Xbox item in Survival Mode

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