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Google it.I believe many of these diseases, for that's what they are, arise because people make mistakes. All I know is that the potato plague happened because new potatoes were planted into bad or 'infected' ground. Today, many arise unexpectedly, as somewhere in secret unknown genetic labs, food scientists are splicing and trying to create new foods using preservatives, secret ingredients with secret codes- 402, 312,515 etc, and new bacterial strands, then releasing them on an unsuspecting public. Just to see the effects.What's their hidden agenda? It's all about consumer/buyer control, manipulation, and 'Pictures of the Queen', or 'Dead Presidents'. Most people cry in uproar against Genetic Modification of foods, but don't realize our food we eat everyday, i.e. that comes in bags,cans, or packets is already genetically modified. I would rather call the reports about GEF's in New Zealand,such as the corn grown, that was proven bad, as 'Genetically Mutated Foodstuffs'. If you think I'm talking through a hole in an orifice then ponder this fact: A lady in NZ is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is told by Doctors she isn't affected by it. 2 days later she's told she is. 1 year on, after changing to an organic diet, she is looking way better, and even healthier. The point is, modified foodstuff brings on theses diseases, organics can heal, repair, make one healthier. Why are they so expensive to buy though? Because certain health agencies, organizations don't want you to be in top shape. They want you to eat crap, and become another statistic. Insurance companies consider an obese person, as a risk, and won't pay out any premiums.It's often a secret clause in their policies. They'll never reveal it to you, unless it becomes a court matter, then they'll have the country's best lawyers in their pocket so you won't win the case. Realize, many organizations globally, are in league with each other and have hidden agendas. Example: The Illuminati,NWO,churches,Health organizations etc. See the connection? Many of their members with set orders are hidden amongst everyday people and businesses. No? Well try to get into a freemasonic meeting.You can't unless invited.You'll never see what they're up to at their meetings, unless your invited or a full member. Ask yourself then; what are they hiding?

Learn true organics, and grow your own.

diseases = ' dies,ceases '.

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