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hi, i discovered the easiest way to find the alien blaster and alien space ship, here you go :)

first of all, I was in Minefield (the ghost town filled with mines) and noticed a sign at the entrance. I looked at this sign and it was an anti-guns sign, I looked closer at the gun and noticed that it was not any ordinary gun, it looked... Different.

here's the step by step guide on how to find the alien blaster.

1. Go to minefield.

2. Find the sign.

3. Turn the way that the gun on the sign is pointing.

4. Walk that way, avoiding mountings but staying on track (it is wise to set a marker where the sign is so you can know if you're on track.

5. Keep walking on track and you will get a radio signal.

6. Turn on the radio signal.

7. Stay on track and you will find the crashed space ship with the dead alien, his alien blaster and ammo.

if you have done it correctly, by pressing circle, you will see that you are perfectly in a straight line with the sign!

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