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To be honest,

I am not familair with range, but the best spots to train range is:

Free-to-play: 1. The Hill Giants in Barbarian village hut. ( Edgeville Dungeon) a) you will need a brass key to enter this place. b) The hilly giant levels are: 28

2. if your under a combat level 28, you might need to bring some food.

Most of the Hill Giants are located in the south-northern area of the place. It might be crowded, depending on what world you are on.


1. Best place for members is at: Taverley Dungeons. (you will need a dusty key)

a) if you go here, there will be a safe spot for you to range. b) bring some food if you are a combat level under at least 50+ c) it is located: South of Taverly and West of Falador. d) the monsters that are down here are: Hill giants - Black Dragons - Lesser Demons - Hell hounds Blue Dragons and Baby Blue Dragons.

Since there are posion spiders down here, you will need to bring some anti-posion(4) with you.

Hope this will help you in you range training. Happy Gaming and Good Luck!


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