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Who are the Straw Hat pirates?

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The Straw Hat Pirates are the protagonists of the manga/anime series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. Their current members are as follows:

"Straw Hat" Luffy: Captain; has the ability of the Gomu Gomu no Mi aka Gum Gum Fruit.

"Pirate Hunter" Zoro (or Zolo in some English variations): commonly said to be the First Mate; uses Santouryu or Three Sword Style

"Cat Thief" Nami: Navigator; a skilled thief who uses an enhanced bo staff as a weapon

"King of the Snipers" Sogeking aka Usopp: Marksman/Sniper; uses almost supernatural sniping skill along with an enhanced slingshot

"Black Leg" Sanji: Cook; Uses the "Red Leg" fighting style

"Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper: Doctor; a Reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no Mi aka Human Human Fruit

"Demon Child" Robin: Archeologist/Historian; uses the Hana Hana no Mi

"Cyborg" Franky: Shipwright; a skilled shipwright who transformed himself into a cyborg

"Humming" Brook: Musician; a musical swordsman who ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi and came back to life albiet a skeleton now

For more information go here: Straw Hat Pirates on the One Piece Wikia

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