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Harold the Ghoul is a character in the Fallout game series. The player meets him in the first Fallout game. Like the other irradiated "ghouls" that appear in the games, Harold is badly mutated due to severe but non-fatal radiation poisoning. However, unlike other ghouls, Harold became one after exposure to toxic chemicals and not from radiation from a nuclear bomb. In the second Fallout game (Fallout 2), the player meets him again, but by this point a small tree has sprouted on Harold's body (about which he jokes that when he dies, there will be a tree marking his grave). The player meets Harold a third time in Fallout 3, by which point the tree has completely taken over his body, rendering him immobile. Seeds from the tree have caused a verdant oasis (known as the village of "Oasis" in the game) to grow in the midst the wasteland around Harold's location, and a group of humans has begun worshipping Harold as a nature god.

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