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Check out John Locke on Lostpedia.

we all agree that the "new" john Locke is not the same old one.but who is the new one,here is the revelation:

The new one is a mix of john and christian shephard. here is why? first of all,do you remember when jack got his father's pair of shoes from his grandpa and then put them on Locke's lifeless feet in "316".That was a clear declaration that john will be in christian 's shoes when returns back to the island.

second reason: when john Locke went to the cabin to meet Jacob to know "what to do to leave the island" he found "christian Shepard there with Claire.that means christian wanted to take Jacob's position and that is what ilana discovered on the season finale.

Third reason: when sun and Lapidus went to the island searching for jinn , they found christian there and he asked them to wait for "John Locke" in benjamin's house but he didn't show up since john appeared.

I think that is more than enough to prove that christian is the new john Locke or vice versa.

But here is the great surprise for you all: "I think that Benjamin is the one who did that all and that he is controlling everything"

                         How is that?

1-Benjamin is the one who asked jack to get Christian's pair of shoes for john and he wanted to get him back to the island,why for?

2-I think he acted like surprised to see john alive because he wanted to convince him that he didn't expect him to be alive again but he actually knew it will happen.

3-when he went to get judged , he wanted to convince john that he wanna be good guy.I think Benjamin did trick the smoke monster "which appeared in Alex's body.He wanted to appear like if "he is following john"because he knew that john will ask him to kill Jacob.

so , after Jacob is killed , he will say that "john ordered him to do so and he was the leader".but now they know that john is still dead, then ilana and its group will kill the new john"christian".Then Benjamin becomes the leader after he appears to be innocent in front of all the "others" and he got rid of "Jacob" and "christian".The two major forces on the island.

It is what I think and I am waiting for your the way I am real Egyptian. Remember him if you wanna get saved.

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