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The Stig

The Stig is the name given to the anonymous racing driver on the BBC show Top Gear. In the show he is cast as a mysterious "tame racing driver" whose identity is unknown, and who never speaks or removes his helmet on camera.

The Stig's true identity is never revealed on the show. Iin order to maintain the secrecy, all shots show him wearing full racing overalls and matching helmet.

The Stig is almost never shown talking on screen, and in both the programme and Top Gear magazine articles he is portrayed as unable or unwilling to talk.

There has been more than one "Stig" on the show. The original Stig, who is called "Black Stig" as he always wore a black outfit was revealed to be former Formula 1 driver Perry McCarthy when his book Flat Out, Flat Broke was published in 2002.

The identity of "White Stig" has not been officially revealed and is regarded as a carefully guarded secret by the BBC.

Racing drivers ranging from Julian Bailey, Ben Collins, Chris Goodwin, Damon Hill, Heikki Kovalainen, Tim Schrick, and Russ Swift, have been speculated as being The Stig at one point or another by the press, other racing drivers, and fans of the show. Some have claimed that there is more than one driver who plays the role of The White Stig.

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