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Who is Bughuul?

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Bughuul is The Eater Of Children. Bughuul/Mr.Boogie also plays the demon in Sinister (2012 horror movie). If children talk about Bughuul, they refer to him as "Mr. Boogie". He is an ancient, pagan Babylonian deity who consumes the souls of human children, and he can travel into the real world via images of himself. He is portrayed by Nick King.

Full Name: Bagul Alias: Buhguul (sometimes spelled Bughuul), Lord Bagul, Mr. Boogie, The Eater of Children Origin: Sinister Occupation: Babylonian god of darkness, collector of souls, child killer, mass murderer Powers/Skills: Vast dark powers, exerting influence over children, able to travel between worlds Hobby: Traversing between the worlds, consuming the souls of children. Goals: To endlessly consume the souls of human children. Type Of Villain: Deity

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