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Talking abt the strongest of the three, Jiraiya is the strongest. Itachi and Kisame have immense respect for the legendary sannin, Jiraiya. When itachi and kisame meet jiraya,naruto and sasuke in the lodge for the first time, they avoid fighting with jiraiya and escape the toad's stomach summoned by jiraiya. They very well know that they would end up in a stalemate or a worse condition if they fight wid the sannin. So the only way they can avoid fighting is to escape.So jiraiya is ofcourse stronger than itachi.

Minato is a very bright ninja and a student of jiraiya.Jiraiya again is stronger than minato..

itachi (he beat orochimaru cause he had no defence against genjutsu he never pratise it he was weak in it thou i would have to say itachi would have beaten him and kisame was the 1 who said they would lose against jiraija and they didnt really have no reason to fight him akatski needet to colect bijuus order desidet by ther tails iw they abb too much chakra (amount of chakra that surpass its own) in to the statue so it dosent breakand nine tails is the strongest and compering itachis last battle he foght sasuke as equal oroochimaru seems to think sasuke equal (or stronger) to him in close combat mandara said that if itachi had foght with intention to kill sasuke he would have died and oroochimaru seems to be stronger than jiraija in close combat and itachi have strongest jutsus and susanoo)(and it seems susanoos mastery takes lot of practise as saske coldent summon its blade and shild in five kages meet arc it might be that itachi didnt had it at itachi returns arc i belife he obtaind it between naruto and naruto shippuden) and what comes to minato its safe to asume she was weaker than the 4th and itachi is about as strong as 4th (they share alot of common bouth came to awere mandara was alive bouth had youg member of family to obtain power to defeat him bouth had legendary jutsu diferense is that itachi trusted power to bouth naruto and sasuke)

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