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The god Zeus is the father and ruler deity in ancient Greek mythology. Although analogous with the Roman god Jupiter, in the Greek original his cult is enriched with hundreds of colourful tales of his adventures. With a very human emphasis on exuberance and enjoyment, Zeus is characterised by his almost comical enthusiasm for mating with goddesses and human females alike, often in disguise. He seduces Leda in the form of a swan, thus fathering Helen of Troy, the murderess Clytemnestra, and the twins Castor and Pollux (the constellation Gemini); and seduces Europa in the guise of a white bull, producing the Minotaur. Unusually, perhaps influenced by, or influencing, Greek ideas of sexual love (that sexual orientations do not exist, and that we respond instead to beauty, regardless the sex of the person), Zeus has several homosexual affairs, most notably with Ganymede, whom he takes into heaven to be his cupbearer.

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