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Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, born on 21 November 1840 at Buckingham Palace, London. She was created Princess Royal of the United Kingdom and by her marriage to the German Emperor Frederick III, became a German Empress and Queen of Prussia. She died on 5th August 1901.

Edward Albert, born on 9th November 1841 at Buckingham Palace. On 10th March 1863 he married Alexandra, a Princess of Denmark. He succeeded the British Throne as King Edward VII when Queen Victoria died and reigned until his death on 6th May 1910.

Alice Maud Mary, born on 25th April 1843 at Buckingham Palace. On 1st July 1862 she married Lois IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and thereby became the Grand Duchess of Hesse. She died on 14th December 1878.

Alfred Ernest Albert born on 6th August 1844 at Windsor Castle. On 23 January 1874 he married Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, a daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. He inherited the Title Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha from his uncle and he died on 30th July 1900.

Helena Augusta Victoria born on 25th May 1846 at Buckingham Palace. On 5th July 1866 she married Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein and her formal title became Princess Christian. She died on 9th June 1923.

Louise Caroline Alberta born on 18th March 1848 at Buckingham Palace. On 21st March 1871 she married John Campbell who was, at that time the Marquess of Lorne, in Scotland. He later inherited the title Duke of Argyle and Princess Louise became the Duchess of Argyle. She died on 3rd December 1939.

Arthur William Patrick Albert born on 1st May 1850 at Buckingham Palace. As the son of the monarch, his formal title was The Prince Arthur. He served as the Governor General of Canada from 1911 to 1916 and was created Duke of Connaught in 1874. On 13 March 1879 he married Luise Margarette a Princess of Prussia and he died on 16th January 1942.

Leopold George Duncan Albert born on 7th April 1853 at Buckingham Palace. Prince Leopold was later created Duke of Albany. On 27th April 1882 he married Princess Helene Friederike daughter of the Prince of Waldeck Pyrmont in the German Empire. Princed Leopold suffered from haemophilia and he died on 28th March 1884.

Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore born on 14th April 1857 at Buckingham Palace. On 23rd July 1885 she married Prince Henry of Battenburg and thereby became a Princess of Battenberg. She died on 26th October 1944.

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